Ten Thousand Posts

99 British Problems ft. Juliet Jacques

November 16, 2021

A quick note from us: There were some technical difficulties at the end of this episode, so the closing section of this show was not recorded, sadly. We will revisit the section when Juliet comes back!

This week, we're joined by writer and broadcaster Juliet Jacques (@zinovievletter) to talk about the "Very British Problems" twitter account. Set up in 2012, the extremely popular account posts mundane observations of British life (milky tea, not being able to stop saying please), but, like everything in 2012, it is largely a fantasy. We talk about how VBP and the media empire it spawned, became the ideological backdrop for the FBPE movement, and that in 2021, it exists as a strange place in which its supporters and followers lament what Britain either was, or what it should have been, had it not been for Brexit. We also talk about Spoonerisation (changing initials of names) and the shorter half lives of insults and funny put-downs on the internet, making the case that perhaps spoonerising....might not be funny any more?


You can follow Juliet's work by following her at @zinovievletter, or through her website: www.julietjacques.com

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